Prefabricated flood protection materials from Germany

IBS Flood Barrier System has proven its ability to prevent flooding on the Danube's bank, Austria. Not only properties of the government and private sectors are safe from flooding but also people who live near the river. On top of that, the IBS system preserves the appeal of the surrounding area and maintains the aesthetics of those properties close to a river or the coast.






  • Quick installation and use less equipment.
  • Light weight and use few labors for installation.
  • Prevent flooding up to 4.25 meters.
  • The waterproof panel is designed to be strong against the pressure of water and things floats with water.
  • The maximum width is 6.5 meters without a central pole.


DIN 19569-4 Guaranteed Leakage Rate, Class 1
DIN 19704-1 Hydraulic Steel Structures
Safety Factor : 1.35 according to DIN 19704



Pressing Tool

Aluminium Log
& Ground Seal

  • Log is produced from EN AW 6063 T5 Grade Aluminum with box section. Size of log is 100mm width by 200 mm height with reinforced core. Its weight is only 5.3 kg per meter. With this section, it can carry a maximum field length of 4 meters. Maximum system protection (Flood height) is 6 meters. Between the Log, the EPDM rubber prevents seepage. It assures that the water is not leaking at the seams.
  • Center Post is a center pillar of the flood barrier system which is added in case field length exceeds log's strength. It was designed and tested according to the DIN standard with safety factor 1.35. It is free standing aluminum posts up to 3 meters flood height. Side support is added if the height is exceeding 3 meters.
  • Corner Post is a center pillar for the required angle. You can choose from a 90-135 degree angle, but still possesses waterproofing and strength.
  • End Post is a pole at the edge of the flood barrier system. There may be attached to the structure of the numerous forms such as recess (covered with concrete), face mount (attached to the front of the structure).With concrete bare around, the recess one will give strength higher than face mount.
  • Anchor Plate mounting IBS flood barrier system with structures such as concrete walls, foundations, ground beam or sheet pile.
  • EPDM Seal is a high quality, waterproof rubber which is used in the automotive industry. EPDM seal has lifespan 5-10 years when compared with EVA rubber which has lifespan no more than 1-2 years. On the other words, EPDM seals can withstand longer in the same climate.With IBS's design, EPDM seals are installed without glue which may lead to disintegration.
  • Pressing Tool is used for pressing the stack of logs to the floor in order to prevent seepage under the flood barrier system.
  • Storage for Logs & Posts IBS also provides an advanced storage system which logs stored in stackable galvanized mild steel pallets, which have lifting points, tension belts for safe transportation and built-in positions for forklift.
  • Due to the contact-free storage of the individual parts on the steel pallets, beams and posts can be quickly and easily rinsed off with a water hose after use.

Project Reference in Thailand

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